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I love the way Larysa teaches and cares for her students. She takes great pride in her work ! She is dedicated to mixing it up and keeping it fresh. I have been her student for years now and it never gets old. Burn and sculpt  is a great workout ! Pilates keeps me limber and I haven’t had an ache or pain in years. Highly recommend!!!!  Margaret B


If you live anywhere near the Lower Florida Keys, or are visiting, check out the Peak Performance Pilates & Fitness Studio! We are so fortunate to have such an excellent, internationally trained Pilates instructor and Personal Trainer in Larysa "Lora" Kolosovska AND a brand new air conditioned facility easily accessible at MM 21.5 on US1 with ample parking. She provides Pilates reformer private and duo sessions also using Pilates Chair and Cadillac equipment, Pilates mat and other group classes, and private personal training. Other instructors use the facility for yoga and Zumba classes as well. Whether you are just starting or are a seasoned participant, Larysa provides excellent individual attention even in a group setting. I found Pilates after an auto accident, and couldn't be more pleased with the beneficial results of regular practice for recovering from that, and overall core strength and fitness. Dolly G.

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Lora/Larysa is an incredibly talented instructor and trainer with classes to fit just about every level of fitness. I am an active late fifty-something retired chiropractic and acupuncture physician who had a progressing low back problem. It wasn’t until I started Pilates with her, and kept it up, that I was able to alleviate the episodes - by addressing the deep core stabilizing muscle weakness and instability that were the root of my problem. I am still dealing with extra weight, and that pulls on my low back, but Pilates keeps me in check. Like I advised my patients for years, I recommend Larysa highly for anyone dealing with progressing back pain - and knee, hip, shoulder, etc. pains.  She will provide you with the tools to address, and resolve, long standing physical issues.  Her new studio on Cudjoe Key is Lovely. Come join us at 8 AM for Burn and Sculpt (to address that extra weight I spoke of above), for Pilates at 9, and if your so inclined, a very well followed and attended Zumba Class thereafter.  One last mention. The above offerings are group classes. Larysa also offers excellent private instruction on the Pilates reformers. I recommend her highly, and would give her more than five stars if possible.  Jean G.

Larysa has so much knowledge- she’s worked with me to develop a program that meets my special needs. She focuses on precision. She’s always positive and willing to help you reach your goals!  Lisa F.